Twins Who Married Twins Are Both Pregnant at the Same Time and then…😔


Briana was completely shocked and could not understand what her identical sister had said when she told him that she had fallen in love with an identical twin. And when Brianna meets the brother of her sister’s boyfriend, the story takes an even more shocking turn. That’s when Brianna fell head over heels as well. This story has gone viral all over the world.

When both of them got pregnant at the same time, the same day, the story became even more interesting. so keep reading to know more about this incredible story of identical twins who fell in love with identical twins.

Surprising Facts About identical Twins

Identical twins have a special bond, even before they were born. They share the same birthday and are also born in the same womb.

However, this does not always mean that they like to do everything together.

As siblings, some twins grow and live a regular life like others they do what they love. But Brittany and Briana Deane, from Wilmington, Delaware, both twins are different.

These identical twins love dressing similarly and doing everything together.

So it’s no surprise for them to fully understand other identical twins, who want to do absolutely everything together.

Read on to discover the extraordinary history of the twins, which ends with a more surprising love story and a child who arrives at almost the same time…

Their Dating History

From birth, these two feel that they are intertwined with each other. So how do you find other people who understand this? Or how can they find someone who can understand them the way they understand each other.

Both the girls went on a lot of dates, However, something didn’t seem to fit!.

They thought that their twin relationship was holding them back, Then, they decided to meet men who were also twins.

Brianna said that when someone takes it seriously, she will know that it is the right person.

Are you curious to know how this story ends? Continue reading!

The Twins Festival

Our beautiful twins attended the Twins Festival in August of 2017.

there they meet Jeremy and Josh Salyers at the festival, which was held in Twinsburg, Ohio.

Brianna has told many people that meeting these twins can only be classified as a magical moment.

Keep reading to learn more about what happened there!

The First Meeting

From the crowd, Brittany was the first to notice Jeremy and Josh.

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the male twins walking past Briana and Brittany at the festival.

Then both sisters decided that they needed to get to know these boys.

keep reading, You won’t believe where the story leads…

Making Contact

When the two twins started chatting with each other, it did not take them long to connect on social media.

The boys reached out to the girls & they expressed how happy they were to meet them.

And how excited they both are to seeing them at next year’s festival.

You’ll never imagine what will happen next…

Not Satisfied

Brittany and Briana were unsatisfied with Jeremy and Josh’s message and simply responded Why wait? Shortly after receiving that message, The boys decided to go to Virginia to meet the sisters again.

You’d never imagine how this story unfolds…

A Good Start

When Salyers met Deanes again, sparks flew. It was clear that both had found a match, The four of them are very excited about the future, and they planned to see each other as soon as possible.

So finally, the dating began instead of a traditional love story: It was like everything had been heightened.

A story about two twin brothers falling in love with two blonde sisters has never been written by Disney.

However, it seemed like a fairy tale come true.

A Similar Outlook

Jeremy and Josh’s names started with the same letter as Brianna and Brittany, plus they had crazy bonding and they didn’t like to be apart too much. and they worked in the same company.

The brothers even went on to say that they knew they would never get married unless their significant other was twins.

Double Proposal

Brittany, Briana, Josh, and Jeremy traveled to Twin Lakes, Virginia, with an Inside Edition camera crew on February 2, 2018.

Brittany and Briana, both sisters, though they were here to shoot the commercial, the crew and the guys knew what was going to happen next.

The girls were wearing a blue dress while the boys were wearing tuxedos. So it was a picture-perfect moment.

And then came the magnificent moment that everyone had been waiting for,

Josh and Jeremy got down on one knee and proposed to Brittany and Briana.

They even bought a matching ring! The Deane twins were shocked at first: but eventually shouted, yes!.

Which is Which?

Some people thought that all four of them were in a relationship together.

The answer is no. There are two different couples & they love to do almost everything together.

Brianna and Jeremy are one pair, while Brittany and Josh are the other.

The Marriage

After the engagement, everyone was over the moon. The couples wanted to get married as quickly as possible.

So the four of them sat down to discuss when they should hold the ceremony, and then Brittany and Briana said, “why should we wait? We have spent our whole lives waiting, and now we have found each other.

So they decided that they wanted to get married after six months.

A Themed Wedding

Being twins play an essential role in the identities of Jeremy, Josh, Briana, and Brittany.

So it was no surprise that couples decided to theme their wedding everything with twins. They got to share their miraculous experiences at the same altar.

Working Out the Wedding

Their wedding was planned to fit perfectly with their theme. This is why they got two of everything.

They had two similar wedding cakes, two identical wedding dresses, and even found two ministers who looked similar.

Plus they met in Twinsburg, Ohio, so it was the ideal location for the wedding.

The Difficulties

Twinsburg, Ohio, was the best place for the wedding. It was not just the name that made it the best, but also the significance of the Twins Festival that is held there.

The problem was that none of the twins was a resident of Ohio.

The Outcome

After all the hurdles they faced during their marriage journey, The ceremony went off without a hitch. However, joint marriage was not their only plan. They had planned many things together for their future.

A Reality Show

Not only the Dean sisters and the Salier brothers’ relatives and family members attended this twin-themed wedding, But television networks were also following the incredible story of the adorable twins.

The situation was incredibly unique & various media sources wanted to cover the wedding, and the phone was hasn’t stopped ringing.

The TV Special

The couple decides to accept the TLC offer they have received. However, instead of doing an entire sow, they decided to do a single documentary.

The topic of the documentary was the wedding, which was aired on the network in 2019.

Living Together

After a romantic marriage, most people believed that both couples would separate their lives and live happily in separate homes.

After the wedding, Briana, Jeremy, Brittany, and Josh wanted to live in the same house.

All wanted to be as near as possible to each other and be involved in each other’s life,

However, the pregnancy became a threat to the couples.

Having Kids

Josh and Jeremy said they wanted to have twins, although they knew they would be raising four together.

They all agreed it was the best idea. Even better, both couples also wanted their twins to be born on the same day.

Genetic Siblings

However, each couple’s children will be each other’s cousins.

However, genetically, cousins ​​will be full siblings, even if their parents are different. It was a marvelous discovery for the couple.

Is It a Good Idea?

The effects of having children with identical fathers and mothers are incredibly hard to identify. This occurs especially during the early development phase. But it was just an idea, and having children was still a long way off.

The Hashtag

When the twins were planning their wedding, they realized to create a hashtag to communicate their wedding in a unique and fun way.

They wanted something that would represent the twins and tell the story of the fairy tale they were involved in. So they chose #TwiceUponATime, which is a perfect description of their incredible journey.

Pickler and Ben

TCL wasn’t the only network interested in showing the story of these identical twins.

A popular TV show, Pickler and Ben invited Briana, Brittany, Josh, and Jeremy to their show in April 2018.

The platform is used by twins to talk about their engagement, relationship, and upcoming wedding.

Two Rings

The other part of the planning proposal was to find the correct rings for both girls. But Josh and Jeremy realized that both girls have accurately the same taste in jewelry. They have seen them wearing similar pieces before. So they decided that it would be great to buy matching rings for the two girls.

When they showed the matching rings to Brittany and Briana, they fell in love with these rings.

Identical Tuxedos and Dresses

It was not the only ring that was identical. Instead, Brianna, Brittany, Josh and Jeremy, all wore matching outfits to the wedding.

It was no big deal for them as they all always wear the same clothes.

The Worst-Case situation

What if one of the sisters had declined the offer? If that were the case, everyone would be in big trouble.

The good thing is that nothing like this happened because both Briana and Brittany were deeply in love with the brothers,
which resulted in the perfect fairytale.

Proposal Practice

Jeremy and Josh both wanted their proposals to be identical and perfect in every way.

They wanted to propose to Brianna and Brittany simultaneously.
However, this did not happen because the Salier twins spent more time practicing how they would propose.

Getting Pregnant at the Same Time

Brianna and Brittany do not just want to help each other in raising their kids.

But they also planned to get pregnant simultaneously (at the same time), which requires a lot of synchronicity and a little luck.

What the Parents Had to Say

Debra Dean, the mother of Briana and Brittany, has given her daughters’ relationship a lot of thought.

She spent a lot of time thinking about how their family would run because she knew the children would have four parents.

The Negative Reactions

Although many reactions were positive, there were also some negative reactions to the twin stories.

many people call their entire situation and the idea of ​​raising children together weird.

However, both the couple ignored this negative reaction.

Mirror Identical Twins

Brianna and Brittany are different from other twins because they are mirror-image twins.

In other words, everything they do, everything they wear, and any other aspect of their personality mirror each other.

It’s hard to maintain, especially in a relationship, but it worked with them.

The Odds

Salyer twins have stated that if they did not find twin women to marry, they would never get married.

For both of them, Sticking to the ideal was a challenge, but the two were not satisfied with dating women who didn’t have a twin

The Deane sisters were in the same boat.

Unrealistic Dreams

The Dean twins began to doubt their dreams of finding twin brothers when they were in their 30s.

They started believing that their dream of finding twin brothers is unrealistic.

The same was the case with Jeremy and Josh, but everything changed when they met.

Do They Get Confused?

It is a question that never fails to come up. Many people ask what would happen if a couple got mixed up and kissed the wrong twin. However, that never happened. Brittany has even gone so far as to say that it’s weird that people think about such things.


The Dean twins have already received tremendous attention from news networks and media sources, and they also feature in Vanity Fair’s “Sisters” edition.

Because of this, Brianna and Brittany were well aware of the unique lifestyle that they have chosen, so they decided to start a blog about their life, where Brianna and Brittany share photos of the twins, showing off how they live and dress.

Five Minutes Apart

It happens very rarely that one identical twin finds another identical twin and marries him.

As a result, the story of the Dean sisters and the Salier brothers made national headlines.

The entire story attracted the attention of many people and receive media coverage.

Lifelong Bond

Of course, the twins have always been close to each other, and their connection will never fade.

When Brittany and Breanna shared this adorable throwback photo on her 33rd birthday with a sweet caption from their husbands:

This year is going to be great because 33 is an identical twin number!”

Celebrating Indoors

In August 2020, the twins celebrated their second wedding anniversary.

Unfortunately, the anniversary was in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of this, they could not celebrate in a big way.

Big News

The twins made an exciting announcement on their joint Instagram page after their second anniversary.

Of course, people have been guessing about this for a long time,

The twins waited until finalizing before they announced their good news.

Double Expectation

Brittany and Briana both dreaming to have a baby at the same time. this was the case on August 13, 2020, guess what! ! ? ? The couples are pregnant! We are very happy and grateful to experience overlapping pregnancies and share this news with everyone!

A Special Connection

They shared that our children will not only be cousins! But they would be perfect genetic siblings quaternary multiples. with this, they also shared we are excited to meet them, as well as for them to meet each other!” What wonderful news!

More attention from the media

Of course, the unique story of the twins caught the attention of the media.

but this pregnancy announcement once again drew newscasters,

Following their exciting pregnancy announcement, the couples were invited to attend the Inside Edition event to share more details.

Due Date

The Salyers waited until everything was official before announcing their pregnancy, but the public was excited to know when the babies would come.

who would be both genetic siblings and cousins,


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