Korean Weight Loss 2021: How I lose 30kg step by step NO GyM

Korean Weight Loss 2021

Korean Weight Loss 2021

According to the Economic Organization, the obesity rate in Korea is among the lowest in the world. Only 5% of the adult population in Korea is obese, and 30% are overweight.

According to 2016 WHO DATA ( More than 1.9 billion adults, ages 18 and older, were overweight. Of those, over 650 million were obese) (worldwide)

So after reading the above lines, The question must have come to your mind,

That how do Korean people manage their weight and stay slim?

So the answer to this question lies in their diet and habits .

Korean weight loss diet has gained popularity around the world,

Many people all over the world started taking an interest in Korean weight loss.

Korean Weight Loss diet is also known as the Korean diet / kpop diet .

These Korean weight loss tips will not only help you to get slim down ,

But it will also give you the pleasure of a healthy lifestyle.

It is a whole-food-based diet inspire by traditional Korean cuisine

and is very popular among people from Eastern and Western countries.

It is consider an effective way to lose weight and look like K-pop stars.

What is the Korean Weight Loss Diet?

This diet is share by k-pop star & using this: they lose a lot of weight while being on an extreme diet.

so that’s how it’s came

The Korean diet traditionally consists of the following foods,

According to Journal of Ethnic Foods research :

These foods are usually consumed at the same time:

  1. Bab ( means cooked rice) and kuk ( means dishes with broth)
  2. Kimchi (mean a fermented vegetable recipe), served at each meal
  3. Banchan (side dish) seasoned with several Jang (meaning fermented soy products)
  4. It also contains medicinal herbs and sesame or porilla oil.

What is Kimchi

Kimchi, is made by boiling vegetables with probiotic lactic acid bacteria, gives numerous health benefits ( according to Journal of Medicinal Food research)

It acts as a shield and protects against cancer, obesity, constipation, and signs of aging.

It also boosts immunity and lowers cholesterol: while also promoting brain, colorectal, and skin health.

Although Korean cuisine is not as rich & it does not require sophisticated cooking methods as other cuisines such as French and Chinese needed.

Korean cuisine involves lots of green vegetables, which are rich in fiber.

Those rich in fiber vegetables: help plenty in weight loss and give a feeling of a full and satiated stomach.

Because of this, there are no chances of craving and hunger.

The basics of the Kpop diet

Many famous Korean superstars follow this Korean diet,

which is base on a whole-food diet inspired by the traditional Korean diet.

this diet include:

  • Movement: Daily physical activity is as important as dietary principles.
  • Heavy in vegetables and fruits: The diet also emphasizes color and variety, which can help you get a spectrum of nutrients.
  • Fermented foods daily basis: Fermented foods provide numerous health benefits, Such as anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, and anti-atherosclerotic activity (Contains green vegetables like kimchi, tempeh, miso, and kale).
  • No sugar: The traditional Korean diet does not include sweets such as candy or sugary snacks. Therefore, eliminating sugar is the main ingredient of this diet.
  • Lower fat: Korean diet does not recommend fried or heavy fat meals. Meaning in the Korean diet steaming of vegetables and even meats required.

Korean Diet Plan 2021

Korean Weight Loss 2021


So in Breakfast

Pancakes and 1 banana


Eat out


Rice, Kimchi


In breakfast you have to eat 2 eggs, 1 banana, nuts

In lunch Fried rice with green vegetables

For dinner : Chicken salad and fruits


Morning breakfast: you have to eat One slice of bread with peanut and 1 banana

Lunch : salad

Dinner : Rice with Kimchi ( Korean cuisine )and Vegetable Side Dish



You have to eat 2 white eggs, 1 banana and nuts


Chicken fried rice


Rice with Kimchi



Vegetable Omelette




Tofu fried rice with meat



slice of bread with peanut butter and 1 banana


Chicken Salad


Rice with Kimchi with vegetable side dishes.



1 banana, greek yoghurt with almonds


Tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cake)


Rice, meat, as well as vegetable

So This is the modified Korean Diet plan,

Also, if you don’t have kimchi at home or if you don’t know, how to make a vegetable side dish, then you can search on the internet or YouTube.

In case if you don’t get Kimchi recipe please don’t quit the diet plan entirely,

Skip the kimchi and replace it with other vegetables, salads, or fruits.

more Korean Diet Tips

1.Drink enough water

Drink plenty of water and make sure that your body is hydrated throughout the day.

2. Take care of your meal portion

Ensure that your meal portions aren’t big and Americanized. Get the feeling of food by eating the right amount .

3.eat vegetables

Vegetables play important role in Korean diet.

They Are Healthy Side Dishes That will Fill You Up Without Putting Weight on Your Hips.

4.Drink water instead of soda

Drink water instead of soda, Once you eliminate sugary sodas from your diet and start drinking water, you’re already halfway to the finish line.

I know drinking water all day can be boring, But once you start drinking water with the Korean diet, you will start seeing the results & you will get the body you deserve


One of the Korean tips for losing weight is to walk as much as possible. Walking will help you reduce body fat and build muscle.

One study found that 11 women lost 17 pounds of their initial body weight after six months of daily walking.

Another study found that : Obese women who walked for 50–70 minutes three times a week for 12 weeks dropped about 6 pounds (2.7 kg).

Nowadays, there are many apps are available on the play store or app store which you can use to track the number of steps


In this article, I have cover Korean Weight Loss tips, which you can follow and get the body you wanted.

The best part of this is that you don’t need any dietitian or anything like that, Only follow simple steps & you will start seeing results.

You don’t even need to go to the gym, do some simple exercises at home, be consistent & you will start seeing results.

So tell me in the comment section how many pounds you’re going to lose by using the Korean Weight Loss formula.



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