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Fitness expert Rachael Attard reveals that How To Get Rid of Thigh Gap by skipping carbs and avoiding squats at the gym.

The Sydney private trainer stated that the inner thighs are a problem area for many women and girls,

Many people say that no matter what they try, their thighs get bigger and bigger.

Rachel says that It took me many years to figure out the best ways to slim down legs and get rid of inner thigh fat.

But she said that it is possible to get rid of the thigh gap if one does exercise and diet with dedication.

The Real Truth About healthy thigh gap

The latest statistics show that 45 % of women feel more confident When they have a beautiful-looking thigh gap.

Along with this, Many also feel that they look fat if there is no gap in the thigh.

If you don’t have a healthy thigh gap, you’re probably not happy or attractive.

Before I show you how to fix this: There is nothing wrong with having a gap in the thigh.

If you have decided to make thigh gap one of your goal,

then are some healthy choices and lifestyle changes & if you apply them: you can surely achieve this milestone.

However, exercising along with a proper diet is the best way to get that healthy thigh gap.

Because the exercise will not only target the inner part of the thigh,

But it will also help to tone the muscles as well as widen the gap.


Avoid workouts that bulk your legs: such as squats,lunges , leg curls & calf raises.

No doubt these are excellent exercises for toning your back fat and muffin top,

But when it comes to thigh gap toning, they are not suitable.

After reading this paragraph: some people might be thinking that squats and lunges are the keys to toned thighs.

On this, expert trainer Rachel says that they can make your legs bulkier in the long run.

Expert trainer Rachel recommendetion

she recommends walking as much as possible

She says that: Walking is one of the best exercises, not only for health but also for getting rid of excess fat (including your inner thighs)

However, to achieve this target, you need to be clocking several steps – nearly 10,000 or near 10 kilometers per day.

So to make it easy: my advice is to start each morning with a 5km walk: this will make a lot of your walk for the day in advance/already.

The second piece of advice is that if you have time: then you can walk 5 km in the morning and the remaining 5 km in the evening or at night.

So follow this and try to incorporate natural steps in your day: if you want to get rid of the thigh gap.

What are the different body types and their characteristics?

How To Get Rid of Thigh Gap
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It will be hard for naturally skinny people to add muscle, so if you are,

So if it is you, you need to follow muscle-building principles.

With an emphasis on protein in the diet, ectomorphs need to increase their calorie intake, try to get it from healthy foods, said physiologist Tom Cowan.

Ectomorph should consume protein regularly every two to three hours.

If you are Ectomorphs: you should take calories before and after the exercise: You can take a protein shake before strength training and then one after training.

Researchers say that consuming protein before bedtime can help increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis throughout the night.


The focus should be on losing fat for endomorphs,

You need to be in a negative calorie balance.

When it comes to diet, it should be low in fat and high in protein. Later it helps to build and maintain muscle mass.

You should reduce intake of fat because fat contains calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein.


For reducing fat, endomorphs should increase their intense aerobic exercise by focusing on interval training such as HIIT.

Further To increase metabolism, they should incorporate both hypertrophies (Hypertrophy refers to the increase in muscle size achive through exercise.) with conditioning.

That way, even hours after your training, your metabolism will remain active.


People in the endomorph group should eat fewer carbs and increase their protein intake, as well as They should avoid eating simple carbs like white bread and eat more complex ones.


Mesomorphs may have won the genetic lottery by naturally building muscle and have a lower tendency to store fat than people in the endomorph group.

people in the Mesomorph group will lose muscle mass with age from their 30s.

The way to reduce that loss is to keep going with strength exercise and keep enough protein in your diet.


Mesomorph body type comes between ectomorph and endomorph.

People in the mesomorph group do not need to go with heavyweights ( in the gym ) to get results.

They get progress even if they lift moderate weights in the gym.

it is true that they will lose fat earlier than mesomorphs, but their body will not completely immune.

so it is best to include aerobic exercise Because Aerobic exercise helps to activate the immune system.


If you have a mesomorph body type: Then your diet should include equal amounts of protein and fat.

Follow Proper Diet Plan

It is 100% true that Exercise contributes a lot to tone the inner thigh gap: but this cannot be achive without a proper diet plan.

So below I have mentioned three points to get rid of thigh gap,

Which many people have followed and they have got the result. So if you follow it, you will also get the result.

1. Count Your Calories

To improve your thigh gap, you need to reduce the extra fat in those areas.

But unless you know how much you’re eating, You Can’t Lose your Pounds.

So count the calories in your meals and start reducing based on your target .

2. Cut Your Carbs

High carb foods are the major contributing factor for weight gain.

But that doesn’t mean you have to cut carbs completely.

What you can do is you can cut down the high carbs from your diet.

3. Eat a Lot of Small Meals

When you aim to lose pounds, Then my suggestion is to divide the food into intervals rather than eating it all at once.

How to calculate how much you should eat?

You can use the formula given below & you can calculate how much you should eat per day, or you can go to the calorie calculator to estimate how many calories you need each day choice is yours.

Find Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Using the Formula

447.593 + (9.247 x body weight (kg)) + (3.098 x height (cm)) – (4.33 x age in years).

so this is your basal metabolic rate means BMR.

  • Use This Scale and Calculate your (THE) mean Total Energy Expenditure
  • little to no exercise a week = 1.2; 1-3
  • days of exercise a per week = 1.375; 3-5
  • days of exercise a per week = 1.55; 6-7
  • days of exercise a per week = 1.752;
  • twice daily exercise = 1.9

How many calories can you eat per day to maintain your current weight while doing the same amount of exercise?

exercises you should avoid for inner thigh fat?

  • Squats 
  • Lunges
  • Weighted leg machines
  • CrossFit
  • Thigh Gap Diet Plan


Keep this one thing in your mind, and that is it is impossible to reduce fat in a certain part of the body, but reducing body weight can reduce leg fat.

One of the best strategies is to combine strength and aerobic exercise, dietary modification, and other adjustments to support a healthy lifestyle.

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