My 83-year-old grandmother DATE ROLL RECIPE


This Date roll recipe directly brings me back to my childhood. I remember my grandmother spending an entire day at the kitchen counter to prepare this Date roll recipe. whenever I visited her.

One of the most incredible aspects of this date nut roll recipe is that it contains no gluten, eggs, or sugar.

The recipe is entirely vegan, as well as healthy and nutritious. It is so easy that even a novice (beginner) chef can make it like a pro.

Crushed almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios, dates: none of these are remarkable, but when combined, they create something spectacular.

I also remember that my grandmother used to put a piece of Date roll in a bowl of water and see if it had reached the correct state or not.

She used to tell me about her favorite Christmases as a child. She cried and, Told me about a year. When her family had nothing for Christmas, but the generosity of friends, relatives, and even strangers provided more than she could have imagined.

But she died. when I was ten years old, and I haven’t thought about his date nut roll for many years.

but a few months ago when I was reading the recipe book I found this recipe in it.

And I cooked this recipe just like my grandmother does: while making this recipe, I felt like I was back in my grandmother’s kitchen.

And I’m overjoyed today because I’m presenting the same dish with you that my grandma used to cook.

DATE ROLL RECIPE in video format

how to make date rolls In less than 45 minutes

date rolls recipes

Here I have dates or khajur from which the seeds have been removed. Nowadays, you can easily get these seedless dates in the market.

Put this in a blender. and mix for one to two minutes without adding any water.

date rolls recipes

You have to blend it until it looks exactly like the image above. Don’t bend it too much, or it will look chunky or paste.

Now keep this aside and take a pan

date rolls recipe indian

Next, I’m going to dry roast poppy seeds in a pan over low to medium heat.

recipe with dates and nuts

roast it just for one to 2 minutes until it’s become golden brown color.

Step 3


Once poppy seeds are roasted enough, take them from the pan and place them on a plate for later use.

step 4


Next, put some butter or ghee in the pan. After that, add the chopped mixed nuts.

It will give the nuts a good texture and a crispy bite.

Just cook the nuts for two minutes over medium heat.


Stir the mixture continuously to make sure it does not get burnt.

Once done, transfer it to the plates and keep it aside.

step 5

DATE ROLL RECIPE, date rolls recipes

Now in the same used pan. Add ghee again, and once it heated slightly. Then add crushed dates to it.

Cook over low to medium heat until the date becomes soft.


When the mixture becomes slightly tender, add the chopped nuts.

Here, I’m using almonds, cashews, and pistachios, all of which are readily available in the market.

But you can also use other nuts if you want.

step 6

DATE ROLL RECIPE, date nut roll

Now thoroughly mix everything for a few minutes: until the nuts and dates are entirely mixed.


After that, sprinkle in a few pinches of cardamom powder and a teaspoon of roasted poppy seeds.

Keep the leftover poppy seed; we’ll use it to garnish the dish later.

step 7

date nut roll

Keep mixing it for a while & do not overcook the mixture.

date nut roll

When you notice that everything is mixed well and has come together to form a lump, switch off the flame and keep it on a plate.

Allow it to cool slightly, but do not allow it to reach room temperature. (It will be hard to work with it if it hardens after cooling.)

Step 8

date nut roll

Now there are two options. Either you can make a bar, or you can make balls of this mixture.

date rolls recipe

So if you have decided to make the ball, this is how it will look.

But I’ve decided to make the bar because it looks more appealing than the ball.

So making a bar is extremely simple: use both hands and try to build a bar.

date rolls recipe

So, once your bar is ready, roll it on the crushed Pistachios and poppy seeds mix.

step 9

Roll the bar nicely so that the pistachios and poppy seeds stick around the bar properly.

date rolls recipe

So as you can see, this roll is now nicely covered with pistachios and poppy seeds.

Step 10

Now take a piece of aluminum foil paper.

date rolls recipe

Place the roll on the paper first, and then roll it as firmly as you can for a good and even shape.

dates roll recipe indian

After that, pack both ends nicely.

now put this roll in the refrigerator for 2 hours to set enough.

Step 11

Now put this roll in the refrigerator for 2 hours to set enough.

dates roll recipe indian

As you can see, this roll is now set, & I am going to cut it into a circular form.

dates roll recipe indian

As you can see, I cut one-inch thick pieces.

dates roll recipe indian

After cutting, remove the aluminum foil from the circular bar slowly.

dates roll recipe indian

So here’s our DATE ROLL recipe, which is sugar-free, healthy, and low in calories.

Frequently asked question

Do date rolls need to be refrigerated?

the answer to this question is yes and no both, There is no need to refrigerate date rolls if you plan to consume it within 24 hours after cooking. But, if you plan to preserve it for longer than 24 hours for a friend or your children, then you will require a refrigerator.

Are date rolls good for you?

The answer is yes because they are sugar-free, vegan, and low in calories. Along with this, they are also naturally sweetened with dates and loaded with nutrients from nuts: all this makes them a perfect pre-workout snack for quick energy.


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