[2021]Chinen salt for diabetes | Why Doctors Call It Best?

what is chinen salt , chinen salt for diabetics , chinen salt benefits , where can i buy chinen salt (2021)

What is Chinen salt? ( in-dept information)

Chinen salt is a spice originating from the ancient Burberry plant in the Himalayan region.

This plant grows in millions in the Himalayan region of India.

This salt contains sodium chloride and sodium nitrate. As well as it also consists of monosodium glycolate. Which gives it a unique taste

In the daylight, the Chinen salt looks pinkish-white. That is Because it contains a high amount of iron crystals.

It is a popular remedy in ancient medicine.

Chinen salt is extract from Berberis aristata. And to maintain the purity and structure of the salt, Processes are done using special methods.

Many traditional healers have been using this salts for the treatment of diabetes for a long time.

chinen salt has a pungent odor that distinguishes this salt from normal table salt.

However, This fragrance varies from person to person.

Many researchers in the world prefer Chinen salt for diabetes treatment.

The science behind Chinen salt is that it helps in controlling glucose metabolism.

It works like a stimulus for the release of endogenous enzymes.

Some companies also add a specific aroma in chinen salt to increase sales.

Because it helps to make the product stand out among others.

But don’t worry, the main ingredients are the same for everyone.

People in the eastern part of Asia use this salt to treat diabetes for a long time.

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Chinen salt for diabetics :

what is chinen salt , chinen salt for diabetics , chinen salt benefits , where can i buy chinen salt (2021)

Recent research has shown that Himalayan salt may be one of the most promising new treatments for diabetes.

Chinen salt in the right amount helps to normalize blood sugar levels and also provides minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the body.

both of these create positive effect and prevent hypertension.

Eating moderate amounts of Chinen can help to keep the body healthy,

Because as I told you, It includes minerals that help to control blood sugar levels in the body, such as magnesium and calcium.

Salt has the ability to reduce high blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes,

High blood sugar makes the blood thick, and because of the thickening of the blood, the heart and muscles have to work harder to push the blood throughout the body.

Both diabetes and pre-diabetes are the main cause of high blood pressure,

Because of this people may have heart disease, kidney failure.

If you have diabetes, the amount of sodium you take can worsen your healthy condition and cause high blood pressure.

Patients with diabetes are more likely to suffer from high blood pressure,

Which can increase the risk of stroke, kidney failure as well as heart disease.

Non-Chinese salt increases hypertension in people who are going through diabetes, And because of this, Patients may face more dangerous health problems

Chinen salt has a balancing effect compared to traditional salt and promotes a healthy balance in the body.

In short, chinen salt helps control blood pressure, and is, therefore, a good choice for people with diabetes.

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how to use chinen salt for diabetes

the way you use regular salt, the same way you have to use this salt .

Sprinkle chinen salt first in your meal and then stir it , Or you can use it in your salad to spice up the taste

I do not know how you will use it, but I know that, If you use it,

it will help you with your sugar. And You can also mix it with any dish.

You will find many great recipes on YouTube or Google on how to use sugar salt for diabetes.

Below I have listed the best ways to use chinen salt for diabetes, only for you!

Substitute for table salt:

Table salt is a clean salt that contains sodium chloride (Which is also a part of chinen salt). And you can use it to prepare your regular meal.

It suits perfectly with any dish,

In the salad:

for any diabetic patient, Salad is an excellent meal,

So use it with a few pinch of Chinen salt. It will give Little Twist To Your Taste

In drinks:

Want to make a nice glass of shake? Then add some sugar salt.

It will not only enhance the taste but will also help in controlling sugar.

Chinen Salt Benefits:

Now a question may be coming to your mind that is salt good for the body? On this, I might say the listing is too long.

Because this salt includes an excellent ingredient that helps in controlling your blood sugar level.

And the best thing is that it helps in controlling blood sugar naturally.

This is necessary, especially for type two diabetes. Many publications and research have support this salt

The benefits of Chinen salt are :

Support to control blood sugar level

You can maintain your diabetes by taking this salt.

Improve Insulin Resistance

Type 2 diabetes occurs due to insulin resistance

The main problem of type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. and this salt can help you to prevent diabetes by reducing blood sugar.

Supports the immune system:

This salt has anti-inflammatory properties. And because of this, more than half elements support the immune system.

It also helps to stabilize your body’s immune cells and decrease inflammation.

Good for vessels:

We know that Our vessel has arteries, veins, capillaries, and all have a delicate structure.

If you have an excess amount of lipid in your blood, then they can get stuck in layers of your  vessels.

But this salt prevents this from happening and acts as a shield.

Where to buy Chinen salt?

you will find many websites on google where you can buy it. second way: or You can also buy it from your local retail store

but before buying Please always check the label and see the expiry date, also take advice from your doctor .

Below I have listed the top Chinen salt for diabetes available on the Amazon website :

where can i find chinen salt

First is Bolivian pink salt: 

First is Bolivian pink salt: 


The reason I am showing you this is because firstly the amount of sodium in it is less than the others. It gives more than sixty trace elements.

Viva Doriya pink salt: 

Viva Doriya pink salt: - what is chinen salt , chinen salt for diabetics , chinen salt benefits , where can i buy chinen salt (2021)

Great for your blood sugar level. And it has minimum impact on metabolism.

Old Thompson Coarse Crystal salt: 

Old Thompson Coarse Crystal salt - what is chinen salt , chinen salt for diabetics , chinen salt benefits , where can i buy chinen salt (2021)

It comes in a fancy glass bottle. Easy to sprinkle

Frequently asked question

what is chinen salt good for?

This salt is good for people who have diabetes or for people who want to boost the immune system, by eating this salty we can maintain blood sugar level, Along with this, it also helps, controlling the heartbeat due to its ability to control blood pressure.

what is the difference between chinen salt and himalayan salt?

If we talk about Chinen salt, It is obtain from the barberry plant although, some people also call it golden thread. Where Himalayan salt is obtain from the rocks of the river in the Himalayas, In terms of composition, Chinen salt different than Himalayan salts, because it contains both sodium chloride and sodium nitrate. while Himalayan salt contains sodium carbonate.


So in this article i have covered everything about Chinen salt like what is Chinen salt? , where to buy Chinen salt? , Chinen salt for diabetics , chinen salt benefits, and similar question.

I hope you liked this article and you have got all the information about this salt that you wanted.

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