26 Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar 2021| That No One Talks About

apple cinder vinegar 2021 - Disadvantages and Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar
apple cinder vinegar 2021 - Disadvantages and Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

If famous Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson,

Can lose weight & get a youthful glow with the help of apple cider vinegar.

So why are you behind: you too can have the same body, you too can have the same healthy lifestyle as these people.

So to make this process easier, after a lot of hard work and research,

I have made a list of 26 Advantages (side effects ) & Disadvantages (benefits) of apple cider vinegar that literally No One Talks About.

Apple cider vinegar has become the secret behind the health and glowing skin of many Hollywood celebrities.

Apple Cider Vinegar contains a lot nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A.

It also contains powerful antioxidants to prevent age-related damage as well as vitamins, bi-flavonoids, acetic acid, enzymes, 

And all minerals promote good health, smooth/fix the digestion process,

make the body alkaline, and helps those who want to lose weight.

Big health claims for apple cider vinegar 🤬 🤬( Don’t ignore)

But there are many claims of apple cider vinegar that studies support.

first, it can help you absorb more nutrients from food,

Beneficial for all body type people whether you are

  • ECTOMORPH doesn’t matter.

Second, it can reduce blood sugar spikes after you eat. ( beneficial for diabetic people).

 People who are taking medication for cancer, Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

diabetes should consult their doctor before adding any syrup or pills to their diet.

One study found that drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal, 

Seen the improvement in blood sugar levels of people who are going through pre-diabetes.

Before i show you what are the Disadvantages and Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar first see.

History of apple cider vinegar ( I bet you don’t know 101%)

apple cinder vinegar 2021 - Disadvantages and Advantages of Apple Cider Vinegar
Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar has a rich history: It has been producing,

And use since the days of the Egyptians, around 3000 BC. Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar

The most important: component of vinegar is acetic acid, Which gives apple cider vinegar a sour taste.

This vinegar is made by adding bacteria and yeast to crushed apples.
Later on, in the fermentation process, it converts the sugar to alcohol.

Then in the second fermentation process, acetogens (acetic acid) are used to convert the alcohol into vinegar.

So here are the top 26 advantages and disadvantages of apple cider vinegar.

(2021) Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Cider Vinegar ( infographic format)

26 benefits and side effects of apple cinder vinegar.

Anti-ageing properties of Apple cider vinegar

If someone is experiencing signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, apple cider vinegar is the best option for them.

A toner prepared from organic apple cider vinegar can treat premature aging.

It has a strong property called antioxidants that help to slow down the aging process.

It also helps in maintaining the ph level of your face.

You can easily prepare this toner at home or in your office by mixing an equal quantity of apple cider vinegar in water.

Balance your digestive system

Apple cider vinegar can be the solution to stimulate your digestive system.

But to reduce gas, mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and drink it before eating.

It will not only remove gas from the body but will also fight constipation,

Because vinegar has the ability to stimulate digestive juices that help your body break down food.

Some theories suggest that heartburn is cause by low levels of acid in the stomach.

But ACV can bring that level up.

So for quick relief, you can take the dose,

as soon as you feel the symptoms of heartburn

If you hate the taste of the vinegar, then add honey to the vinegar.

Remove dandruff

Nobody likes dandruff, because it’s annoying, frustrating, and most importantly, embarrassing.

But with the help of apple cider vinegar, you can eliminate your dandruff

and the best part is that it will cost less than expensive special dandruff shampoos.

All you have to do is take apple cider vinegar and then mix apple cider vinegar with water,

And then pour the mixture into the spray bottle.

Spray on your hair , sit for 15 minutes and then wash it.

Do this proven tested process twice a week,

And after few days you will get rid of dandruff.

apple cider vinegar changes the pH of the head (scalp), prevents the growth of dandruff.

benefits of apple cider vinegar for skin

If you are looking for something that works like a miracle remedy for your skin, it could be apple cider vinegar.

first take a wash cloth and soak it in apple cider vinegar after that apply it on your face.

Afterward, the protective acidic layer will make your skin smooth. and it will absorb oil for your face.

It works by restoring your skin’s proper pH level, and beta-carotene helps to counteract future skin damage.

Also adding a drop of apple cider vinegar on age spots, pimples or acne marks will also help reduce their appearance.

ACV can help to soothe a sore throat

if you feel a prick in your throat,

You can try germs killing apple cider vinegar to clear up the infection,

Vinegar creates an acidic environment that the Egyptians have been using since ancient times to kill germs.

So to get rid of throat pain, mix one tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1one teaspoon honey in 1 cup of warm water.

You can easily find apple cider vinegar at supermarkets, health stores, and online.

Bottom line: Apple cider vinegar have antibacterial property

& when it mixes with a small amount of warm water, It can help to relieve sore throat.

Apple Cider Vinegar & Cholesterol.

To establish a strong connection: between apple cider vinegar and its ability to lower cholesterol in humans, More research is require.

One study was done on the rats: by the British Journal of Nutrition:

 they found that the acetic acid present in the vinegar lowers cholesterol in rats.

A study conducted on animals suggested that it may also help lower blood pressure.

When rats with high blood pressure given acetic acid,

their blood pressure dropped compared to a group of rats not given vinegar or acetic acid.

However, before trying this vinegar or anything, consults your doctor first if you are taking medications like digoxin and diuretics.

Blood Sugar Balance

diabetes patients need to balance their blood sugar levels,

But it’s also important for everyone.

Because the health of the liver and energy levels both are dependent on blood sugar levels.

Keeping blood sugar under control can help avoid developing type 2 diabetes.

People who are going through type 2 diabetes: When they took ACV, their blood sugar dropped & insulin sensitivity improved.

According to the study, After drinking apple cider vinegar before bedtime improves fasting glucose levels in the morning.

According to a small study, vinegar can improve insulin sensitivity by 19–34 percent.

And considerably lower blood sugar and insulin response during a high-carb meal.

If you have type 2 diabetes, adding apple cider vinegar into your daily routine and diet can be beneficial. ( but consult your doctor before adding.

ACV for  Weight Loss

The most generous benefit that apple cider vinegar is use for is weight loss.

A 2014 study examined the effects of apple cider vinegar on people who are suffering from obesity.

The participants were sorted by the researchers into three groups.

where they drink 25 ml of the beverage twice a day. ( after breakfast and after dinner)

The drink contained 0 ml, 15 ml, or 30 ml of apple cider vinegar.

In this, the people who have taken apple cider vinegar,

Lost 2-kilo weight during a study. (study duration three months)

Also, a reduction in BFM and blood lipid levels were observed.

Researchers conclude that a low-calorie diet combined with ACV may help people who suffer from obesity and overweight.

Bacteria Killer

The presence of antibacterial and antifungal properties of acetic acid makes apple cider vinegar an excellent natural cleanser.

Studies show that acetic acid can kill mycobacteria that cause tuberculosis.

Non-tuberculous mycobacteria commonly seen in the lungs of cystic fibrosis patients

and those with a weakened immune system.

Some strains of Mycobacterium can be drug-resistant.

And other effective disinfectants, on the other hand, are poisonous.

But apple cider vinegar is a natural cleaner to kill bacteria.

For making a cleaning solution,

take one part apple cider vinegar and one part water to clean the house.

Alternative to Other Vinegars

Apple cider vinegar is different from balsamic vinegar, red wine, or white vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is slightly more alkaline than ordinary vinegar.

Because, in ACV, nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium are present.

It has this nutrient because it is made from apples, 

while the white vinegar is made from wine.

It is best to use this vinegar in cooking or homemade salad dressings.

Because it contains such nutrients which are essential to our body 

Try this easy homemade salad recipe using apple cider vinegar.


  • half cup of extra virgin olive oil
  • 1/4 cup of ACV
  • two tablespoons yellow mustard
  • 2 tsp Italian seasoning
  • 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  • half teaspoon Black pepper


Put all the ingredients in a small bowl and stir until the dressing is emulsified.

ACV and Acne Treatment

ACV contains malic acid, which is proven to improve complexion and smooth skin texture.

It makes a protein called collagen, which is responsible for building and repairing cells.

the property of malic acid is tremendously valuable,

Because collagen formation generally slows down with age,

And that’s why malic acid is a primary ingredient of many anti-aging products.

because of the malic acid, ACV has keratolytic properties

It will prevent the clogging of your pores by breaking the bonds between dead skin cells.

Because of This, your skin being able to breathe and maintain a healthy pH level.

Acne Treatment Recipes

Green Tea and ACV Acne Mask

It is one of the most famous and beneficial ACV recipes.

green tea contains: relaxing, anti-inflammatory features to smooth and clear your face;

 It is also jam with antioxidants to fight dangerous free radicals.

Also, add honey because it has skin-friendly properties to make it an absolute nightmare for acne.


  • Take 1 tbsp raw apple cider vinegar in a cup
  • After adding raw ACV add 2 tbsp of green tea 
  • Add one tablespoon of honey
  •  In this stage, add five tablespoons of sugar and stir the whisk vigorously.
  • Once you mix the mixture, you will get a slightly thick paste.
  • using a small cotton ball, apply this thick paste to your infected area
  • massage that infected area: because It will help you remove dead skin cells
  • And improve the blood circulation of that area.
  • Leave this on your face for about 10-15 minutes before washing your face.

Apple cider vinegar boost energy

Interestingly, ACV contains an acid called an amino acid that can act as an antidote.

As well as, ACV also contains potassium and enzymes that can relieve fatigue from exercise and stress.

So the next time, if you feel tired, try drinking apple cider vinegar.

To boost energy, Add a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar into the glass, and add cold water to eat.

Apple cider vinegar whiten teeth

If you have read this entire article, then you would know,

That apple cider vinegar includesacetic acid, which helps in removing plaque.

Apple cider vinegar is also known to improve overall oral health,

By killing “bad” bacteria and promoting healthy bacteria.

Everyone Wants Fabulous White Movie Star Teeth.

And This Wish Can Be Fulfill With The help of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Instead of ordering expensive teeth cleaning charcoal,

you can try ACV because this will not only give you results, but it will save you money.

Mix ACV with water and use it as a rinse or mouthwash

Second recipe mix baking soda with ACV: and rub it directly on your teeth.

Apple cider vinegar may ease leg cramps at night

Leg cramps can often be a sign that your body low in potassium.

The benefit of apple cider vinegar is that it contains potassium.

In one study, 30 people suffering from leg cramps,

given a glass of warm water mixed with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey for 30 days.

All participants got relief from leg cramps after 30 days.

Before trying apple cider vinegar, you need to keep in mind that,

drinking large amounts of apple cider vinegar can lower potassium levels, so use in moderation

ACV for hair

you may be shocked, But ACV Can Treat Hair Too

Because In apple cider vinegar contains one acid called acetic acid,

Now you must have known this thing, if you have read this article completely.

it helps to balance the pH level of the body. thereby keeping your scalp hydrated

Plus, it contains active enzymes that can help get rid of dandruff and keep your hair soft.

Clarifies Scalp:

Serum, heat styler, or heat protector can cause a layer of residue to form on the scalp.

Sticky residue left on the scalp can make your hair dull, lifeless, and flat.

The easiest way to clean the scalp and get rid of the accumulated residue is to wash your scalp with apple cider vinegar.

Apply apple cider vinegar on the scalp and leave it for some time.

ACV Detoxification Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar Helps to manage Your Body’s pH Level.

It also helps in creating a detoxification environment in your body.

It is helpful to the liver, which is one of your primary detoxification organs.

Plus, it’s great for the lymphatic system.

Vinegar not only helps to break down the mucus throughout the body

But also help to clean the lymph nodes from the body.

according to research, Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help With Allergies,

due to its capacity to reduce mucous and nasal congestion,

Along with this, it can also help with unpleasant symptoms like sore throat & headache.

Apple Cider Vinegar as an Odor Neutralizer:

If there is any foul smell in your house, try to keep a bowl of apple cider vinegar near it.

This will neutralize that nasty smell, and you won’t notice it.

It can also reduce the dirty smell coming from the feet.

simply take apple cider vinegar in a bowl and apply it on your feet with the help of cotton,

keep it for 10 minutes, it will eliminate the odor-causing bacteria.

pH Balancing

As I have already told you that apple cider vinegar helps in speeding up the digestion process.

We need acid only in our stomach and not in our bodies.

By putting more acid in the stomach, we improve the digestion process.

And so, we end up with a better pH in the body.

Disadvantage of apple cinder vinegar

Decreased Potassium Levels

Drinking high amounts of apple cider vinegar can lower potassium levels in the body ,

which can cause weakness, fatigue, and constipation, Can also cause muscle spasms, or irregular heart rhythm, according to the Mayo Clinic.

It is dangerous for people who are also taking potassium-lowering medicine,

such people should not take apple cider vinegar, which can be fatal to their bodies.

People who are taking diuretics that lower blood pressure should also not take ACV.

Tooth Erosion

Vinegar is highly acidic: it can cause severe damage to tooth enamel.

A study publishes journal Clinical Laboratory: shows that an acidic diet leads to tooth decay.

A girl from the USA who drinks a glass of apple cider vinegar daily to lose weight has experienced tooth decay.

Bad teeth enamel can make your teeth more sensitive over time.

(because of this, eating or drinking cold things can cause pain in your teeth)

Dr. Groves says. A diluted form of apple cider vinegar with water can help here.

chemical burns on the skin

Many people worldwide use apple cider vinegar as a toner.

And apply it directly to their skin.

Some people use it as a home remedy and credit it for warding off skin problems like acne and signs of aging.

Before you start thinking of apple cider vinegar as the key to clear skin,

keep in mind that it can irritate your skin.

A study published by the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology reported that a teenager tried to get rid of two warts on the nose.

He applies apple cider vinegar directly to that affected area for three days.

Although it is true that the mole was gone,

But the area where he applied the vinegar became irritated by a chemical burn.

It is rare, but the side effect possibility becomes high when you apply raw apple cider vinegar to the skin.

So always add water to raw apple cider before applying it to your skin.

Low Bone Density 

Consuming apple cider vinegar in excess can reduce bone density.

it can make bones brittle, increasing the risk of fracture,

in the case of an accident or a drastic fall.

Throat Irritation

One of the advantages of ACV is that it relieves sore throats.

However, excessive consumption can irritate the throat,

And make the sore throat worse than it calms down.

Real weight loss Success story of apple cinder venegar

One of my friend’s sisters, whose name is shelly, is 40 years old.

who works as a busy executive in a bank,

Like many busy moms,

Shelly noticed that her jeans were a little tighter than they were a few years ago.

Shelly knows that she should exercise, but due to her tight schedule, she didn’t have time to go to the gym,

then shelly noticed that she need to do something about her weight,

she called her sister for advice,

her sister referred to me

So we both met at the coffee shop near her house, and I explained to him.

what is apple cider vinegar, what are the benefits, advantages,

what are the side effects, dis-advantage of ACV,

Exactly everything that I have explained in this post

she started drinking apple cider vinegar,

You Won’t Believe It, But By Drinking Only Apple Cider Vinegar (And by Following proper Diet,) She Lost 13 Pounds In 3 Months.


ACV is known as the magical drink in the world.

Apple cider vinegar has many beneficial properties and can treat health, hair, and skin-related problems.

However, do not drink it in raw form;

Otherwise, your situation may get worse.

Also, consult your doctor if you are taking medicines like digoxin and diuretics.


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